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Effectively change your health with a deep and fundamental understanding of how the body works with Dr. Cathy Kim.
Finally Understand How To Undo
Your Years Of Symptoms
Catherine A. Kim, MD, APC
Catherine A. Kim, MD, APC
Real Solutions To Your
Health Problems
Discover a way to treat yourself at home with my root-cause methodologies that are sensible and simple.
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. " ~ Thomas Edison
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Seminars & Workshops
Learn how to heal yourself with clean nutrition and practical exercises.
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Work On A Healthy Cure,
Not Just Treating Your Symptoms.
A Drug-Free Way To
Resolve Your Health Concerns.

Integrative Body Method™ (IBM)

Successfully helping patients with problems
ranging from head to toe:

Vertigo - Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC


Vertigo - Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

TMJ Pain

Periods/ Tailbone Pain - Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

Tailbone Pain

Heel Pain - Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

Heel Pain/
Plantar Fasciitis


. . . I had all this pain for about five years in my hip and then I went to see her. She showed me what to do, and I’ve been pain-free for about a year now.
Dr. Vanessa White, PhD.
Owner, Santa Paula Fitness Inc.
. . . My reflux is much, much better... and my digestive system altogether is much more regulated. The tools Dr. Kim has given me are lifelong tools. I have referred Dr. Kim to so many people in my life.
Melissa Duker
Mary Kay Sales Director
. . . She is always so kind, compassionate and understanding. I have complete trust in Dr. Kim to steer me in the right direction whenever I need it.
Leticia Larson
Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC - Best Functional Medicine Doctor in California

Mission of Whole
Body Health

Focusing on the basic mechanics of the body’s musculature and correcting extreme imbalanced patterns can improve or even cure life-limiting conditions such as: tendonitis, hip pain, headache, vertigo, menstrual pain, etc.

Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC:
Functional Medicine Doctor in Camarillo, CA

After more than two decades of practicing conventional primary care medicine, I gradually developed a more root-cause approach for addressing patients’ medical problems. I use my knowledge of body mechanics, fascia, and organ systems to understand pain and other chronic conditions. In my practice and lectures, I provide insights and education to help patients learn how to heal themselves with clean functional nutrition and practical exercises.

“I use my knowledge of body mechanics, fascia, and organ systems to understand pain and other chronic conditions.”

I specialize in difficult cases for patients who have failed conventional and alternative therapies. With my Integrative Body Method™ (IBM), I have successfully helped patients with problems ranging from head to toe: Vertigo, TMJ pain, Tailbone/Coccyx pain, and Heel pain/Plantar Fasciitis.

Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

Dr. Cathy Kim is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician and Functional Medicine Doctor. Her practice is located in Ventura County (Camarillo, CA) and specializes in complex cases.

About Dr. Kim's Services

An empowering partnership for your health

Dr. Kim’s breakthrough came when she discovered how to recognize problem patterns in the musculature. A pioneer in fascial histodynamics, she developed her Integrative Body Method™ (IBM) which utilizes myofascial release therapy as a holistic approach to address the following problem areas:

Head and neck disorders including:
TMJ pain, Vertigo, ear/facial, Bell’s Palsy

OB/GYN: pregnancy-related pain,
painful periods, pelvic pain.

Sports-related injuries and
prolonged healing

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Plantar fasciitis/foot pain


“Man is not a being who stands still, he is a being in the process of becoming. 
The more he enables himself to become, the more he fulfills his true mission.” – Rudolph Steiner

Acute & Chronic Health Conditions

Dr. Kim assesses your medical problems from the perspective of STRUCTURE how efforts to compensate for imbalances in body structure are contributing to your symptoms and DIET: how our modern diet is sabotaging your desire to be healthy.

Wellness Program

Dr. Kim utilizes concepts from engineering, PolyVagal Theory, mindfulness, and meditation to grow your awareness as your physical and emotional conditions evolve with life's challenges.

Healthy Lifestyle Education

Dr. Kim identifies the fundamentals of nutrition and lifestyle that will help you achieve well-being in the present and decrease your risk of developing chronic illnesses in the future.

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Let’s talk about your health

Here are options for getting started with Dr. Cathy Kim

Free Phone Consultation

Inquire if Dr. Kim's Integrative Body Method™ could benefit you.


Schedule a 90-minute analysis and treatment with Dr. Kim.

Private Home Services

Book a customized service examining the most symptomatic positions and activities in your home or office setting.


Invite employees, family, or friends to a group workshop setting where Dr. Kim will teach you functional movement principles.

Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

1601 Carmen Drive, Suite 216, Camarillo, CA 93010

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