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Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

Dr. Cathy Kim featured on
Health Shi”F”t

Health Shift

Dr. Cathy Kim featured on
Health Shi”F”t

Dr. Kim was a guest on the Health Shi”F”t podcast with Julie Freeman. Listen to the episode below:

Health Shi”F”t Episode #33 with Dr. Cathy Kim

Episode Description:

Dr. Cathy Kim is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician who is incorporating fascia and biomechanics into her innovative functional medicine practice. As a Body Function Specialist, she connects the dots between modern day-to-day biomechanics and persistent pain and dysfunctions. From TMJ and vertigo to sciatica and plantar fasciitis, Dr. Kim is successfully helping her patients reclaim their vitality with mindful movement that makes gravity more of a friend, rather than foe.

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Dr. Cathy Kim

Dr. Cathy Kim is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician and Body Function Specialist. She practices in Camarillo, CA and specializes in complex cases.

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