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Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

International Institute for Functional Medicine Conference 2023

International Institute for Functional Medicine Conference 2023 - Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

International Institute for Functional Medicine Conference 2023

I’m excited to share that another one of my Poster abstracts was accepted for the 2023 International Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) conference in Orlando this June! 

Before the pandemic, I had presented a poster at the 2019 IFM conference on how I had successfully treated Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain with myofasical release of the thigh in a Genu Recurvatum (double-jointed knee) patient.  

This year’s poster is on how the same myofascial release maneuver of the thigh in two different Genu Recurvatum patients significanty decreased TMJ and low back pain.  If you or friends/relatives seem to be plagued with all the bad luck of having some combination of TMJ pain, Heel pain, Low Back pain, Ankle pain, and/or Painful/Heavy periods, try looking at your/their knees!  

Thigh Myofascial Release Results in Pain Relief for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and Low Back Pain in Genu Recurvatum (GR) Patients: A Report of Two Cases

Cathy Kim, MD 
Graal Diaz, PhD
Community Memorial Health System, 147 N. Brent St. Ventura, CA

Background: In scientific research, fascia is increasingly being recognized as a complex, adaptive entity that transduces mechanical stimuli into metabolic information, influencing circulation, digestion, immunity, and other body systems beyond musculoskeletal posture.  

Mobilization of stiff fascia is common to all fascia manipulation techniques, but a multitude of variables pose challenges to clinical research study.

The dysfunctional knee biomechanics in Genu Recurvatum (GR) patients results in weak quadriceps muscles and stiff corresponding fascia which may make them more vulnerable to pathologies that may have a fascia-based etiology.

This paper presents two cases of pain relief in anatomically distinct areas following targeted myofascial release of thigh fascia in GR patients. 

Method: Two females, a 23 year-old with Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ) and a 37-year old with low back pain each presented to clinic with 7/10 pain severity.  Each patient had significant GR and hypertonic thigh fascia.  For treatment, they were seated with optimized alignment and maximized fascial tension before High velocity assisted myofascial glide (HVM) was applied.  A smooth-edged tool was used to glide along the longitudinal axis of the thigh from proximal to distal in a high-velocity manner.  Each patient reported diminished pain, 0/10,  after the procedure.

Conclusion: In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Kuhn explains that teleological bias, believing that evolution is towards perfection, blinds consideration of new ideas.  With recognition of the problematic biomechanics of GR, perhaps studying their stiffening fascia could offer a missing mechanistic link to common chronic conditions. 


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