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Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

Takeaways from IFM’s 2023 Conference

International Institute for Functional Medicine Conference 2023 - Dr. Cathy A. Kim, MD, APC

Takeaways from IFM’s 2023 Conference

My poster presentation was well received at the Institute for Functional Medicine International Conference and was a good fit with their 2023 theme: Advancements in Clinical Research and Innovative Practices.

In the last few decades, the research community has realized that our health is not completely controlled by our inherited DNA (genes) — our environmental exposures (epigenetics) and physical forces (mechanobiology) have great influence on our body’s function.

My poster below represents my findings at the nexus of environmental (diet, lifestyle) and mechanical (physical tension) forces that impact our health.

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Dr. Cathy Kim

Dr. Cathy Kim is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician and Body Function Specialist. She practices in Camarillo, CA and specializes in complex cases.

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