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Amber Drive

In the serene and welcoming neighborhood, you’ll find personalized healthcare from Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC, your local functional medicine doctor. In this harmonious setting, we’re committed to guiding you on your wellness journey, ensuring you thrive amidst the tranquility and community spirit of this beautiful area

About Amber Drive

The Amber Drive neighborhood in Camarillo, CA, seems to be a vibrant and friendly community. According to the data gathered from Nextdoor, the population of this area is approximately 1303 residents, with an average age of 59 years. A significant portion of the population, about 79%, are homeowners. The residents appreciate the neighborhood for its beautiful surroundings, dog-friendly environment, and family-friendly atmosphere. It is also noted for being peaceful, pleasant, safe, welcoming, and well-maintained.

Residents in this neighborhood have various interests including walking, gardening, home improvement and DIY projects, hiking, camping, cooking, BBQ & grilling, reading books, and playing cards & board games. The Nextdoor platform is actively used by the Amber Drive neighbors to share recommendations, advice, classifieds, important alerts, and more. They find it a helpful tool to stay informed about road closures, weather conditions, and other safety tips. Moreover, several public agencies are active on Nextdoor to bring important news and information to the residents.

Public Transportation

In the Amber Drive neighborhood of Camarillo, residents have access to a variety of public transportation options that ensure connectivity to various parts of the city and beyond. One of the primary local transportation services is the Camarillo Area Transit (CAT), a bus service that operates within the city, potentially connecting the Amber Drive area to other neighborhoods. Detailed route information and schedules can be found on their official website.

For those looking to travel a bit farther, the Metrolink serves as a viable option. The Camarillo station is a part of the Ventura County Line, facilitating easy commutes to larger cities such as Los Angeles and Ventura. More information about their services can be accessed on the Metrolink website.

Additionally, the Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority (VISTA) bus offers regional transportation services, connecting Camarillo with other cities in Ventura County and neighboring regions. You can explore their routes and schedules on the VISTA website.

For seniors and individuals with disabilities, the city offers a reservation-based door-to-door transportation service called Dial-A-Ride. This service is particularly beneficial for those who require personalized transportation assistance. Details about this service are available on the city’s website.

Apart from these public transportation services, residents can also avail themselves of taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft for convenient transportation within and around the neighborhood. These services offer a flexible and easy way to navigate the city, especially for those who prefer private transportation.

Discover Wellness on Amber Drive!

Unlock Wellness on Amber Drive! With Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC, your local functional medicine expert. Join us in this friendly neighborhood and thrive with personalized healthcare.

Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC

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