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In Functional Medicine, we reduce reliance on medications by improving the gut microbiome, the key to healthy immunity.  Through diet and lifestyle changes, we can improve many conditions which share the same root cause.   Having
Primary Care in Fascia Series ~”Diarrhea/Nausea/Vomiting” was the Chief Complaint for 32 year-old CB, my first patient of the day in Urgent Care.  He was not dehydrated by his vital signs, and I expected to
Image Credit: Beth Scupham Fascia in Primary Care Series ~TS was a bright, unassuming patient in her mid-twenties who was unable to open her jaw after accidentally hitting her chin on a counter.  The trauma
Fascia in Primary Care Series ~Similar to many problems in Primary Care, Plantar Fasciitis is simple yet challenging — easy to identify, yet hard to cure.  It is another condition in the Idiopathic category: we

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