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Catherine A. Kim, MD, APC

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88 year-old Foam Rolls Daily | Ep. 12

Watch (or read) Dr. Kim’s mom demonstrate her commitment to her health and independence by foam rolling daily. Transcription: Dr. Kim: Hi, everybody. We’re back for another episode of how I try to help patients get more

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Preserving the Fountain of Youth | Ep. 11

Watch (or read) how I coach Chris on how to leverage his daily movements towards enhancing lifelong flexibility. Transcription: Dr. Kim: Hi, everybody. This is Chris, my friend Chris.  Chris:Hello. Dr. Kim:So now I got someone

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Tips for Short Women | Ep. 10

In this video watch (or read) how Bella improved her heel pain and painful periods by being mindful of her hypermobile knees! Also, learn the basic tips I give her about: 1) how to sit in

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Standing and Fascial Stiffening | Ep. 9

In this video, learn how the mechanics of knee joint hypermobility affects your posture and stiffens your musculature.  Restore fascial elasticity and vitality by adopting my functional medicine approach to daily movement.  Watch the video or

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The What and Why of Anti-inflammatory Diet

In this lecture, I help you understand what inflammation is and why all of us should care about an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  Transcription: Thank you for coming to my Zoom lecture today. I’m Dr. Cathy Kim and

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Sitting and Fascial Plasticity | Ep. 8

In this video, learn how you can remodel your thigh fascia and promote elasticity by changing your mechanics of sitting. This is my functional medicine approach to proper sitting. Watch the video or read the transcript

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The Role of the Legs in Back Pain | Ep. 7

In this video I am using a functional medicine approach to help you understand the connection between your fascia, thighs, and lower back pain. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more. Transcription:

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Pregnant (or not) Low Back Pain Tips | Ep. 6

Often, just a small change can have a large and lasting impact.  Watch (or read) how activating a little-used muscle group can impact more than just Low Back Pain.  Transcription: Hi, I’m Dr. Cathy Kim, and

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Functional Foam Rolling | Ep. 5

Our muscles and fascia are so adaptable that they function like a close knit team, working together to compensate for each region depending on the movement — reaching, bending and twisting, etc.  Foam rolling applies localized

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Thigh Muscles: The Case for Foam Rolling | Ep. 4

With less diversity of movement such as squatting or climbing, our modern lifestyle is resulting in loss of flexibility of our muscles and fascia, especially in our legs.  These front leg muscles attach to the pelvis,

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