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Free Phone Consultation:

Learn about Dr. Kim’s novel insights into your health challenges and what kind of treatment plan she would recommend for you.

In-Office Consultation:

In 90-minute sessions, experience Dr. Kim’s in-depth analysis of your symptoms and health conditions from a structural and metabolic perspective.  With her Integrative Body Method™, Dr. Kim teaches you how to “turn the clock back” on your fascial histodynamics, to restore healthy movement and vitality.  Dr. Kim helps you improve and then protect your health in all dimensions:  physical, neurocognitive, and emotional. Inquire about 60 & 90 minutes followup programs offered by Dr. Kim

Private Home/Office Services: 

Invite Dr. Kim to your home or workplace to learn about how to modify your routines and work habits to support the healthiest biomechanics.  By moving more mindfully on your most repeated activities, you can maximize healthy muscle recruitment, and minimize age-related muscle atrophy and stiffness.

Group Workshops:

Elevate the health and awareness of your closest family/friends or work colleagues.  Invite them to learn about the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet and how they can leverage their most-performed daily movements to promote flexibility and strength.

Free Phone Consultation

Inquire if Dr. Kim's Integrative Body Method™ could benefit you.

In -Office Consultation

Schedule a 90-minute analysis and treatment from a fascial histodynamic perspective. Inquire about 60 & 90 minute visit followup programs.

Private Home Services

Book a customized service examining the most symptomatic positions and activities in your home or office setting.


Invite employees, family, or friends to a group workshop setting where Dr. Kim will teach you functional movement principles.

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