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Rancho Adolfo Estates

In the peaceful Rancho Adolfo Estates of Camarillo, you’ll find our practice, Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC. Here, we embody the area’s serene and community-centric vibe, providing personalized functional medicine to support your health and well-being.

About Rancho Adolfo Estates

The Rancho Adolfo Estates is a well-established neighborhood located in Camarillo, California. This community primarily features midsize homes that are competitively priced, attracting a considerable amount of interest from buyers looking to settle in the Camarillo area. The homes in this neighborhood were built between the years 1977 and 2004, and they generally have 2 to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The square footage of these homes ranges from 1176 to 2121 sq ft. The median sale price in the area is approximately $405,050, and the association fee ranges from $0 to $203 per month.

In terms of education, the neighborhood is served by several schools including Rancho Campana High School, Las Colinas Middle School, and La Mariposa School, among others. These schools have received various ratings from parents and are part of different school districts including the Oxnard Union High School District and the Pleasant Valley School District.

If you are considering moving to this neighborhood, you might find homes that suit your preferences and budget, as the closed prices for homes in this area have ranged from $295,000 to $570,000.

Neighborhood History

In the picturesque locale of Camarillo, California, the Rancho Adolfo Estates neighborhood stands as a testament to architectural development spanning several decades. The homes here, which were primarily constructed between 1977 and 2004, showcase a blend of styles and designs that have evolved over this period. These residences predominantly feature 2 to 3 spacious bedrooms, offering ample space for families of various sizes. Additionally, most homes are equipped with 2 well-appointed bathrooms, facilitating comfort and convenience for the inhabitants.

The living spaces in these homes vary considerably, with square footages ranging from a cozy 1176 to a more expansive 2121 square feet. This range in size allows potential homeowners to choose a home that suits their preferences and needs, whether they are looking for a compact space or a more roomy abode.

Financially speaking, the neighborhood presents a viable investment opportunity, with the median sale price hovering around $405,050. This pricing indicates a competitive real estate market in the area, where the value of homes is appreciable. Moreover, residents in this community are required to pay an association fee, which fluctuates between $0 and $203 per month. This fee contributes to the maintenance and betterment of the community’s common areas and amenities, ensuring a pleasant living environment for all.

Public Transportation

In the serene and well-connected neighborhood of Rancho Adolfo Estates in Camarillo, residents and visitors can potentially benefit from a variety of public transportation options. These facilities are designed to offer convenient and eco-friendly travel, aligning with the modern commuter’s needs and preferences.

The city of Camarillo, renowned for its picturesque surroundings and vibrant community, is generally serviced by a comprehensive network of public transportation systems. These might include buses operated by the Ventura County Transportation Commission. These bus routes serve to connect various neighborhoods, including Rancho Adolfo Estates, to key points of interest within the city and beyond, fostering connectivity and ease of travel.

Additionally, the Camarillo Metrolink Station stands as a potential vital hub in the transportation network. It provides access to train services that connect Camarillo to neighboring cities, offering a comfortable and efficient alternative to driving. This station serves as a nexus point, facilitating seamless travel between cities and promoting a hassle-free commuting experience.

Moreover, for those with a penchant for outdoor exploration, the region potentially offers bicycle routes. These routes promote a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, allowing residents and visitors to explore the scenic beauty of the region at their own pace, while also adhering to green living principles.

As public transportation services can vary, it is prudent for residents and potential homebuyers to verify the availability and schedules of these services. This ensures that the transportation options at hand meet their individual needs, facilitating a comfortable and convenient living experience in the neighborhood.

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