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Sterling Hills

Experience the charm of Sterling Hills as you embark on your wellness journey with Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC, your trusted functional medicine doctor. Prioritize your well-being in this serene community.

About Sterling Hills

The Sterling Hills neighborhood in Camarillo, CA, is known for its serene and friendly environment. The residents appreciate the beautiful surroundings, clean streets, and the dog-friendly atmosphere. It’s a place where neighbors enjoy a peaceful, quiet, and safe living experience, with the added benefit of being able to walk around the neighborhood with ease.

The community is quite active and shares various interests including home improvement, DIY projects, gardening, hiking, and enjoying live music and wine tasting. The neighborhood platform, Nextdoor, serves as a hub for the residents to share recommendations, advice, classifieds, and important alerts, fostering a close-knit community. The population of Sterling Hills is approximately 810, with an average age of 61 years, and a high homeownership rate of 91%.

Moreover, the neighborhood is equipped with amenities and activities that cater to a variety of interests, including golfing. Emergency preparedness is also a notable aspect within the community, with residents actively participating in community emergency response teams (CERT/NERT) and sharing travel experiences.

Neighborhood History

The Sterling Hills neighborhood in Camarillo, California, is a well-established community that began its development around 1999, with construction largely completed by the year 2000. This area is known for featuring large homes that are competitively priced. The homes in this neighborhood generally range from 2036 to 4059 square feet, offering 3 to 5 bedrooms and 3 to 5 bathrooms. The community has an association fee that ranges from $75 to $76 per month, and it also includes options for attached homes such as condos, townhouses, lofts, etc., in addition to single-family homes.

The neighborhood is served by several schools, including Rancho Campana High School, Mesa Union Elementary School District, Rio Mesa High School, and others, providing education from kindergarten to high school.

Public Transportation

The Sterling Hills neighborhood in Camarillo, California, enjoys a robust public transportation system managed by the Camarillo Area Transit (CAT). The CAT is dedicated to facilitating safe and efficient transportation around the city. One of the prominent services it offers is the Fixed Route service, where buses traverse the city, making stops at predetermined locations. Residents can easily access the schedule for this service on the city’s official website.

In addition to the Fixed Route service, the CAT also operates a Trolley Route service, which provides direct transportation to various retail and dining destinations within Camarillo. This service is particularly popular among residents for its convenience, with the schedule being readily available on the city’s website. Furthermore, for residents seeking a more personalized transportation option, the Dial-A-Ride service is available. This service operates based on reservations, offering origin-to-destination transportation, the details of which can be found in the user guide available on the city’s website.

Residents can purchase bus passes for each of these services at the Camarillo City Hall, which also offers the Ventura County UMO card, facilitating connectivity to the broader Ventura County transit system for travel beyond the city limits. Moreover, the city has initiated free fare programs funded by the California Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP). These programs offer free rides to college students from specific institutions in the area, youth under 18, and children under 6 years of age (accompanied by a paid adult), enhancing the affordability of public transportation in the area.

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