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The Grove

As your dedicated functional medicine doctor in the Grove, we focus on a holistic approach to health, ensuring your well-being is in harmony with the tranquil spirit of our charming neighborhood. Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC, is here to guide you on your wellness journey. 

About The Grove

The Grove is a neighborhood located in Camarillo, California. The residents of this neighborhood appreciate it for several reasons including its beauty, cleanliness, convenience, peaceful atmosphere, quiet surroundings, and walkability. The area is well-maintained which makes it a pleasant place for walks. The community actively engages in various interests such as walking, reading books, home improvement & DIY projects, gardening & landscaping, volunteering, yoga, discussing local & regional issues, wine tasting, biking & cycling, and playing cards & board games.

The local community platform, Nextdoor, serves as a hub for the residents to connect and share various types of information. Through this platform, neighbors share recommendations and advice, post classified ads, alert about lost and found items, and disseminate urgent alerts to keep everyone in the loop about road closures, weather conditions, and other safety tips. Moreover, several public agencies are active on this platform, sharing important news and information with the residents. Some of these agencies include the Southern California Edison, California Office of Emergency Services, Ventura County Fire Department, and the Camarillo Police Department.

If you’re considering moving to this neighborhood or just visiting, you might find it comforting to know that the community is quite active and seems to have a helpful and friendly vibe.

Neighborhood History

The history of The Grove neighborhood in Camarillo, CA, particularly the area surrounding the Camarillo Ranch, is quite rich and dates back to the late 19th century. In the late fall of 1892, the Camarillo family moved into a newly constructed home, a 6,000 square foot, 14-room Queen Anne Victorian house situated on the western edge of Rancho Calleguas. This house was designed by architects Herman Anlauf and Franklin Ward, commissioned by Adolfo Camarillo at the cost of $10,000. This elegant home became a central place for family and community celebrations for many generations.

One significant event that took place here was the wedding reception of Rosa, Adolfo’s eldest daughter, and Alfred Petit in 1914. This occasion marked several renovations to the Camarillo home, including the addition of an inviting bench seat to the tower bay, the removal of a wall to open up the front parlor, the expansion of the ground floor master chamber which was converted to Adolfo’s office, and the addition of a landing to the main staircase, which served as a platform for the bride to toss her bouquet.

Today, visitors can admire these renovations and the carefully preserved original elements of the home, including the original hardware, doors, mouldings, windows, and five fireplaces. The house offers a glimpse into the California ranch life from 1892 to 1915, featuring six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen with a walk-in refrigerator, breakfast and dining rooms, two offices, back and front parlors, a servants’ room, a full attic, and a partial basement.

Public Transportation

Ensuring accessibility and convenience for residents and visitors, The Grove offers reliable public transportation options that contribute to the serene atmosphere of the community. Camarillo City Bus Service operates in the area, providing locals easy access to various parts of the neighborhood and connecting them to essential services and amenities. 

In addition to the city bus service, The Grove is serviced by Ventura County’s public transportation system, VCTC Intercity, facilitating broader connections to neighboring cities and towns. This makes commuting or exploring the region seamless, whether for daily necessities or leisure activities such as exploring local landscapes, participating in community events, or attending yoga and wellness classes.

For those who prefer active transportation, the neighborhood’s walkability and bike-friendly paths are a boon, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Bike racks and lanes are strategically located, ensuring cyclists’ safety and convenience.

Elevate Your Well-being at The Grove!

In the heart of The Grove, our dedicated functional medicine practice, Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC, embraces a holistic approach, aligning your wellness with our serene and vibrant community.

Dr. Cathy Kim, MD, APC

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